Sandra Epps

Professional Executive Summary

Creative, results-driven and determined are understatements when it comes to describing Sandra Epps, artist and author. Founder of Sandy’s Land Publishing House and Children’s Entertainment Service, Epps’ mission is to empower and inspire young people through her innovative products and apparel, all created to promote hope, faith and love.

A survivor of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), a disease where the immune system attacks both the body tissue and organs, she uses her story of overcoming as a living testimony that others can choose to overcome any obstacle in life. Epps promotes Lupus awareness through her many keynote addresses, lectures and health panel discussions throughout Michigan. Partnering with such organizations as the Lupus Alliance of America and the Latreese Nicole Fagan Memorial Scholarship Fund, an organization that awards scholarships to young adults diagnosed with Lupus, she encourages all to transform any form of fear into faith.

Her triumph over Lupus also inspired her first self-published children’s book -- Imani Has the Most Exciting Dream!, which helps children make positive decisions when faced with various adversities. Epps’ artistry, which ranges from face painting to custom designs and textiles, has been enjoyed by art fanatics throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area and abroad. Her face painting has grasped the fascination of children and adults alike at the Historic Eastern Market Harvest Fest, the City of Detroit Police Department Annual Night Out and the Family Head Start Awareness Day Celebration to name a few. Her captivating artistic ability led her to be the featured artist at the 2009 International Face and Body Art Conference Gala and has also caught the attention of various local media outlets.

Epps has not only been featured in Heart & Soul Magazine and The Detroit News & Free Press, but she has also received numerous awards, including the Spirit of Detroit Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Detroit City Council as well as the Phenomenal Women’s Award from the Toledo City Council. Epps has served as Executive Assistant and Director of Community Affairs for Detroit City Council Member JoAnn Watson. Epps has worked as an Associate Producer for the television/radio broadcast “Wake Up Detroit!” over the past five years and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University in Fiber Arts (Textiles). For more information on Sandra Epps’ products or services, please call (313) 492-6953 or visit www.sandysland.com.


For Immediate Release

June 29, 2009

Sandy’s Land Presents a Party with a Purpose

Detroit, MI  - Sandy’s Land presents its  3rd Annual Fun Day at Ladels Children’s Book Boutique on Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. The theme is “Lifting Up Our Young People!“ This year’s mission is to Party with a Purpose by accepting gently used or new clothes and books to be donated to needy children ages 3 - 10. As Michigan citizens have suffered tremendous odds with the most foreclosures, job losses, and school closures, children are feeling the after affects. Sandy’s Land’s goal is to provide little ones with hope during these tough times.

The main objective is to uplift children’s mind, body and spirit with FREE Fun, Food, Entertainment and Encouragement. “Children are experiencing the stress of the economy as much as their parents. The problem arises when children don’t know how to convey these emotions so they need a healthy outlet such as this wonderful event,“ says Cheryl Pope, children’s author. The program will include Minnie Davis with Detroit Parent Network; Katrina Crowley Founder of Jazzy Kat (a fitness camp for children); Etrelya Manigault-Finley CEO of Careertoon Store and Lauren Walker-Thomas Co-owner of Ladels Children’s Book Boutique. In addition, there will be a book signing of Detroit’s #1 Selling Children’s Book, “Imani Has The Most Exciting Dream!” This inspirational book provides little ones with key tools to build their self-esteem and a story to warm their souls.

Sandy’s Land is a publishing house and entertainment service where the mission is to empower and inspire children with books, art (edutainment) and inspirational products.

The community is invited to Party with a Purpose and help lift up children all in the name of fun on Saturday, July 11, 2009 at Ladels Children’s Book Boutique, 1413 Brooklyn, Detroit, MI 48226



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January 10, 2007

Phone: (245) 991-4480


 DetroitMI -  Of the many stresses a child may encounter, few compare to that of a parent with a life-threatening illness. Amid the doctor visits, medical procedures, and physical changes, children's emotions are too often overlooked leaving them to imagine the worst. Detroiter Sandra Epps has penned a picture book to help young ones cope with the sadness and uncertainty when dealing with the illness of a much-loved adult. Titled, Imani Has the Most Exciting Dream (Sandy's Land Publishing ISBN 0-615-13076-3) Epps, Executive Assistant to Detroit Councilmember JoAnn Watson, says the book was inspired by her own experience when she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) at age fourteen. SLE is an autoimmune disease that attacks the body to form antibodies against its own tissues resulting in inflammation, pain, and possible organ damage. 

Epps suffered seizures, paralysis, fatigue, and memory loss, during her nearly year-long struggle with the disease. Steroids, often used to treat lupus, caused her normal weight of 115 pounds to balloon to nearly 200 pounds. In an effort to get her mind off her rebellious body, Epps began to draw and paint. "I found artistic expression physically and emotionally healing. I began putting my art on shirts and soon people started placing orders. The idea for the book emerged through my art and over time it evolved and became real," said Epps. 

In the story we meet six-year-old Imani (whose names means "faith" in Kiswahili) dreams of the many joyful times with her mother. Upon awakening she remembers that her mother is in the hospital-again-being treated for lupus. She worries out loud to her dog Zack, "Who will make my favorite breakfast of oatmeal, raisins, bananas, and almonds in the shape of a happy face? Who will hide the joke-of-the-day in my book bag?" She wonders who will look out for her. Finally, through Bible verses, affirmations, and the loving support of her grandmother, Imani resolves to remain brave and cheerful as she awaits her mother's healthy return home.

According to Thomas Roberts, Executive Director of the Lupus Alliance of America-Michigan/Indiana Affiliate, Epps' book serves a great need. "Facing an illness like lupus can place heavy demands on any family. Through her book, Sandra presents a way to relieve some of the emotional trauma and insecurity that children face by offering encouragement and hope." 

Imani Has the Most Exciting Dream uses gentle language and colorful illustrations to delight and reassure any child in a similar situation. The book is recommended for ages three to seven, and is an important addition to home, school, hospital, and public libraries.

Although Epps has been in remission for more than eight years, she continues to work as an advocate for lupus awareness and serves as a board member of Latrese Nicole Fagan Memorial Scholarship Fund. 


For more information on Ms. Epps, or Imani Has the Most Exciting Dream, visit: www.sandysland.com